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Accelerated Training Programs

In addition to the approximately 130 academic degree programs offered by IWU, the Talent Ladder is offering certificates that are eligible for academic credit in our degree programs. You can quickly take them as non-credit training, and then apply them to a degree completion program later. You can’t lose!

These are delivered in a variety of modalities. Some programs are competency-based and completely online. Some are blended with synchronous sessions. Some are short term, face-to-face experiences.


Cybersecurity, Web Development, AWS administrator are some of the skills we can help your people become certified in.

Management & Leadership Training

Leadership matters. You can provide new leader training as well as succession planning development.

Business Skills

Foundational skills and specialized skills are both needed in your business. Offer your employees certifications in business analytics, digital marketing, logistics, or even new management skills.


Real skills connected to current jobs. Explore training and certifications for CNC machining, tool making, drafting, quality assurance, aerospace structures electrical assembly, and more.

Personal Development

Your people perform better when their personal lives are better. We can provide options like team communication, personal finance, life coaching, leadership and health training.

Financial Planning

Our financial programs offer practical financial advice and steps on how to improve in managing your own resources based on Kingdom principles.

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