Connecting Training to Education

Our Mission

The Talent Ladder’s mission is to serve organizations as a catalyst for growth through customized analysis, training, and education for their workforce.

The Talent Ladder brings comprehensive, innovative training solutions to employers, organizations and individuals facing talent shortages and skill gaps. We create training programs that attract, develop, and upskill the workforce and offer college credit toward degrees in the process. We are passionate about building a stronger workforce and creating pathways that lead to lifelong learning. We are connecting training to education.

What We Offer

Organizational Analysis

We evaluate performance, development and training in order to customize a plan that meets the organization's unique needs.

Credit for Training

We connect current corporate training programs to college credits.

Customized Programs

We work with organizations to develop customized training that meets their specific needs, and then we offer credit for it.

Targeted Partner Services

We partner with experts who offer specialized services in employee engagement, talent optimization, and organizational analysis.

Our program
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Certificate Programs

What We Do


Real, relevant learning happens here. We recognize the need to respond to knowledge gaps quickly, bringing solutions to partners in weeks rather than years. We work with partners to customize courses which include examples from your company, like case studies, budgets, policies, strategies and more.


Discover benefits for both you and your employees. Most learning opportunities are not recognized as well as they could be. We aim to change that by offering college credit for training programs.


Recognition and promotion are within reach. The future of the workforce will require succession planning and strategic employee retention efforts. We offer paths for all levels of learning that support your organization’s retention and succession goals.


Imagine what’s possible and make it a reality. We understand the needs of adult learners and are prepared to blend new learning strategies with a delivery model that works for your organization. We make reaching your goals possible even in the fast-paced environment.

How We Do It

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