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Training and Development Programs

In partnership with the IMA, Indiana Wesleyan University is pleased to offer training and development programs for manufacturers and their employees at a discounted rate. Below you will find more information about each training program. Please complete an interest form to learn about program details and pricing.

Entry-Level Leadership:

New/early career supervisors need very specific and focused opportunities to develop leadership skills and increased understanding of how to interact with others in the organization. In this program, leaders will build self-awareness, individual resilience and readiness, and team resilience and readiness. The focus will be on increasing their capacity to lead themselves and others.

Technical Manufacturing Skills: 

Employers can select from over 500 courses in 26 specialties to upskill, reskill, and train new employees. These are self-guided, online courses that provide training and development in many important areas of manufacturing. 


Cybercrimes are expected to grow at 33% over the next several years, making it essential that manufacturing organizations have security in place. The Cybersecurity Analyst Boot Camp prepares the learner to apply the required knowledge and skills to solving current security problems associated with information systems. This training has over 60 virtual labs led by experienced faculty that provide an opportunity for the learner to directly engage with a secure cloud environment and obtain real world experience.

Business Analytics: 

Analyzing data is a critical part of every manufacturing organization. This program will train individuals how to collect, organize, interpret, and implement data within your organization. Topics covered include SQL, data visualization, metrics and KPIs, and actionable data insights.

Digital Marketing: 

Digital marketing can play a pivotal role in recruiting new talent for manufacturers. This program is designed to give practical training and technical certifications that can be applied on the job. Individuals who complete this program will be proficient in web analytics, search engine optimization and marketing, social media and email marketing, and digital marketing strategies. 

Workplace and Soft Skills: 

Employers can select from over 250 courses that teach general workplace soft skills. These are self-guided, online courses that provide training and development in what it takes to be a successful member of an organization, professionalism in the workplace, communication skills, and more.